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Nature and scope of functions

Nature and Scope of Functions

The Ministry for Culture and Heritage provides services to the Minister for Arts, Culture and Heritage, the Minister of Broadcasting and the Minister for Sport and Recreation.

The Ministry’s role is to help make culture visible and accessible, and to deliver cultural products and services to New Zealanders and international audiences.

The Ministry does this by:

· providing policy advice on funding, legislation, projects, cultural issues, broadcasting and treaties

· administering government funding

· monitoring the performance of the government’s investment in arts, heritage, broadcasting and sport

· administering laws, protecting cultural objects and symbols of national identity and maintaining and developing national monuments and war graves

· producing reference works on New Zealand history in print form, as oral histories, and in digital form on

· producing the online Encyclopedia of New Zealand,, and providing information about cultural activities through

· administering the Cultural Diplomacy International Programme (CDIP), which promotes New Zealand’s culture overseas

Administering Government Funding

The Ministry administers government funding to cultural, arts, heritage, sport and broadcasting Crown entities and non-government organisations. In 2009/10 the Ministry will administer total appropriations of $293.843 million for Vote Arts, Culture and Heritage (which includes Broadcasting) and $66.893 million for Vote Sport and Recreation.

$8.063 million is provided for policy advice, $6.412 million is provided for heritage services and $1.690 million for the Cultural Diplomacy International Programme; $98,000 is provided for purchase advice and monitoring services to the Minister for Sport and Recreation.

The Ministry for Culture and Heritage employs 109 staff, all based in Wellington.

Updated on 23rd July 2015