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Nature and scope of functions

Nature and Scope of Functions

The Ministry is the government’s lead advisor for Arts, Culture and Heritage. The Ministry provides services to its Responsible Minister, the Minister for Arts, Culture and Heritage; to two Associate Ministers for Arts, Culture and Heritage; to the Minister of Broadcasting; and to the Minister for Sport and Recreation. The Ministry’s role in support of the government’s outcomes and priorities is to help make culture visible and accessible. The Ministry achieves this by:

· providing advice to government about its involvement in culture, and through the direct delivery of certain activities

· ensuring appropriate accountability, and by promoting sound governance and management of the agencies that the government funds through the Ministry

· providing guidance, and by the coordination of activities and programmes that support other government agencies.

In discharging this role, the Ministry focuses on three intermediate outcomes that contribute to the development of a strong sense of national identity.

What the Ministry does – key activities

The Ministry advises the government on the content of its programme of support for culture, including by identifying new opportunities for cultural activities to contribute to the government’s cultural and non-cultural outcomes. The Ministry’s main areas of activity cover:

· Making New Zealand history accessible – producing works on New Zealand history in print and online (; researching and producing oral histories

· Providing New Zealand cultural experiences, resources and information online – producing the online Encyclopedia of New Zealand ( and providing online information about and access to cultural activities (

· Promoting New Zealand’s cultural presence internationally – providing a New Zealand cultural presence in key overseas regions or countries to boost New Zealand’s profile and its economic, trade, tourism, diplomatic and cultural interests

· Supporting and monitoring the government’s investment in arts, heritage, broadcasting and sports agencies

· Safeguarding New Zealand’s heritage – administering laws; protecting cultural objects and symbols of national identity; maintaining national monuments and war graves and developing new memorials

· Advising government – providing advice on funding, legislation, projects, cultural issues, broadcasting and treaties, and contributing to other government work where a cultural view is needed.

The above key activities are advanced by the various initiatives and services that support each of the Ministry’s outcomes and are explained in detail in the Operating Intentions section of this Statement of Intent.

Departmental output expenses

The Ministry’s departmental output expense appropriation has the following output expenses:

· Heritage Services

· International Cultural Diplomacy

· Policy Advice and Monitoring of Funded Agencies

· Purchase Advice and Monitoring of Sport and Recreation Crown Entities.

These output expenses are applied to the Ministry’s activities and outcomes as follows:



Output expense

Making history accessible

Providing cultural information online

Supporting cultural and sports organisations

Safe-guarding heritage

Advising government

Promoting New Zealand’s cultural presence internationally

Heritage Services







International Cultural Diplomacy







Policy Advice and Monitoring of Funded Agencies







Sport and Recreation







Funded agencies

The Ministry administers funding contributions to cultural, arts, heritage and broadcasting organisations. In 2008/09 the Ministry will administer a total appropriation of $243.555 million for Vote Arts, Culture and Heritage; and $70.995 million for Vote Sport and Recreation. For a list of the organisations funded by government, see the section Additional Information. More detailed information about the Ministry’s programmes and services, and the organisation’s work units, can be found on our website:

Updated on 23rd July 2015