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Foreword : Minister for Arts, Culture and Heritage

Foreword: Minister for Arts, Culture and Heritage

12 May 2008

In January this year, thousands of New Zealanders joined together to mourn the passing of our greatest living hero, Sir Edmund Hillary. A recurring theme of many of the tributes, memories and anecdotes which we shared with one another at that time was the question of who could possibly replace ‘Sir Ed’ as our finest New Zealander. It was a query which had no ready answer, but which made us all ponder the wider question of what it means to be a New Zealander. What were those qualities which we all recognised and so admired in Sir Ed and which defined him as the quintessential Kiwi?

This question is highly relevant to the role of the Ministry – the government’s lead agency on culture – in helping make New Zealand culture visible and accessible. For it is our culture which, to a large degree, both defines and expresses our national, our community and our individual identity.   

Whether it’s bringing New Zealand culture to New Zealanders and the world online through, developing policies to support New Zealand content on our televisions and radios, or maintaining war graves and commissioning new memorials: all of the Ministry’s work supports our country’s culture and our experience of it.

This work includes providing advice and support to Ministers in three different portfolios: Arts, Culture and Heritage; Broadcasting; and Sport and Recreation. This Statement of Intent outlines the direction the Ministry will take, and the strategies it will employ in supporting the government’s priorities across these portfolios. The information contained in this document is consistent with the policies and performance expectations of the government.

I am confident that the work outlined in the Ministry’s Statement of Intent will continue to effectively assist the government in its management of its broad cultural interests.

Helen Clark

Minister for Arts, Culture and Heritage

Updated on 23rd July 2015