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Enduring cultural sector outcomes

Four enduring outcomes bind our sector and guide our long term public investments.



Cultural and sporting practitioners and organisations create, produce and distribute a broad range of cultural works, experiences and activities, distinctively ‘New Zealand’ in form, voice and/or content. Creative talent and innovation enhance our way of life and make a valued contribution to the economy and society.

New Zealanders and international audiences increasingly access and engage with taonga and other cultural works, places and activities with enjoyment and understanding.



Cultural practitioners and organisations collect, record, protect and present taonga for the benefit of present and future New Zealanders.

High achieving, talented and innovative cultural and sporting practitioners inspire high achievement in others, leading to enhanced social and economic well-being and community and national pride.

In advising ministers and partnering with the cultural sector, to achieve our enduring outcomes, our work is guided by the following principles:

New Zealand stories and talent

High quality New Zealand content shines through in a crowded cultural landscape, revealing our distinctiveness and encouraging new voices, new forms of expression and new stories.

Recognition of Māori as Tangata Whenua

Te Tiriti o Waitangi frames the Crown-Māori relationship and guides our on-going commitment to supporting iwi-Māori aspirations.

Stewardship / Kaitiakitanga

There is a present day responsibility to ensure cultural assets, experiences and resources are available to future generations.


Reasonable access

All New Zealanders should have reasonable access to publicly funded cultural activities, goods and services.

An open creative economy

A healthy cultural economy balances protection of creative property while fostering diverse markets for production and distribution.

Diversity of perspective

Freedom of cultural expression is critical for a well-functioning democracy.

Efficient use of resources

With limited public resources it is important that the value of public investment is well understood and used to inform decisions.

Updated on 23rd July 2015