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Section Two - Progress towards outcomes in 2007/08

Section Two – Progress towards Outcomes in 2007/08

The objectives for each intermediate outcome are the means by which the Ministry guides its annual work programme. Objectives are achieved through strategic initiatives and services (refer Section one for a statement of the achievements of the strategic initiatives and services). In addition, each outcome has impacts and indicators that assist the Ministry in tracking overall progress towards outcomes. Impacts describe the expected contribution of the Ministry’s strategic initiatives and services. Impacts answer the question ‘What difference are we making?’ Indicators are the key trends which the Ministry monitors that illustrate progress towards the Ministry’s outcomes. They are updated every two to three years and progress is reported in the Statement of Intent.

The tables below describe the contribution made by the Ministry’s strategic initiatives and services to progressing the Ministry’s outcomes in 2007/08 in relation to the annual (short term) impacts. The commentary is informed by the performance information contained in Section one.

Intermediate Outcome One

‘The Ministry’s work enhances the diversity, visibility, accessibility and participation in cultural experiences and our culture’






Outcome Progress 2007/08






Research, conservation, communication of and engagement with our history


Increasing visibility, access and usability of our publications and online resources to a wide audience


Better knowledge of NZ – its people, history, land, culture and society


Both Te Ara – The Encyclopedia of New Zealand and websites have had significant growth in authoritative and engaging content during the year. This has contributed to increased visitors accessing more content more often. The sites have been actively marketed and have grown the visibility and accessibility of their content and resources to their target audiences – particularly to schools.


Growing our appreciation of New Zealand’s people, land, culture and society


Development of and engagement with existing and new heritage memorial sites


Growing use of heritage memorial sites


Memorial sites are valued as expressions of our national identity


The use of heritage memorial sites increased
over the year for National commemorations
(for example Anzac day) and visits to memorials by the public. This indicates a growing recognition of the national identity values symbolized by New Zealand memorial sites. Accessible memorials in good repair is a key enabler of public use.


Communicating New Zealand’s culture to New Zealanders and the world


Increased access to information on NZ’s culture and to cultural experiences


Widespread use of online resources to access cultural experiences


During the year NZLive has increased the range and diversity of organisations and cultural content and experiences listed on This has enhanced the visibility of and access to New Zealand’s culture and cultural experiences by NZLive’s key audiences.


Intermediate Outcome Two

‘Agency programmes are of high quality and are widely accessible’


Outcome/ Description




Outcome Progress 2007/08






Funding of programmes and services from cultural agencies


Funded agencies have improved governance and operational capability

Ministerial confidence in funded-agency performance


Well-performing boards leading well-performing agencies


The Ministry undertook a number of baseline and capability reviews this year to support decisions on arts, heritage, broadcasting and sport agency resourcing. The funding changes announced in Budget 2008 enable those agencies to maintain current services.


Improving funded-agency governance and operational capability


The Ministry enhanced its core governance support programme with the on-line publication of a Governance e-manual, and the addition of a new programme on building better board and chief executive relationships.


Intermediate Outcome Three

‘The wider system of government recognises and responds to the value and contribution of culture to its operations
and to New Zealand’s social, environmental and economic well-being’


Outcome/ Description




Progress 2007/08






Advance New Zealand’s international interests through its culture


Growing understanding of, and engagement with, New Zealand


Enhanced international appreciation of New Zealand’s strengths, standing, products and services

Impact of other government programmes is enhanced by a cultural dimension

During the year the Cultural Diplomacy International programme has contributed to enhanced exposure of New Zealand through the implementation of projects in Cairo, Tokyo, Seoul, Beijing, Hangzhou, Manila, Hong Kong, Taipei, Sydney and Paris.

During the year the Ministry has advised on cultural interests for 12 cross-government initiatives and supported other agencies’ outcomes.

Provide policy advice in support of other agencies’ outcomes


Cultural policy advice supports other agencies’ outcomes


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