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Background - Meeting our Accountability Obligations

Background – Meeting Our Accountability Obligations

This report is one source of information and resources about the Ministry for Culture and Heritage and its performance. Key information about who we are and what we do is available on the Ministry’s web site ( Our Statement of Intent setting out future directions and priorities is also available on the site. We have kept the content of this printed Annual Report to a minimum. Further details, images and other information about the Ministry’s 2007/08 story are presented in a digital form at

Section one covers the Ministry’s performance for the 2007/08 financial year. Section two covers the contribution of our performance in 2007/08 to progressing outcomes. Section six covers the Ministry’s performance in relation to the outputs produced and the agreed standards contained in the Ministry’s Output Plans for 2007/08.

Our strategic framework

The 2007 Statement of Intent contains the Ministry’s three intermediate outcomes that contribute to long-term outcomes sought by government from its support for culture and heritage. The Ministry’s own role in support of the government’s outcomes and priorities is to help make culture visible and accessible. The Ministry’s outcomes are supported by key initiatives and services that reflect the government’s priorities for the next decade: Economic transformation, Families - young and old, and National Identity. The outputs produced by the Ministry are delivered according to the standards contained in the Ministry’s output plans for Vote Arts, Culture and Heritage, and Vote Sport and Recreation.

The Ministry achieves its outcomes through certain strategic initiatives and services. Strategic initiatives are projects that typically result in the production by the Ministry of specific cultural experiences, for example, the From Memory – war oral history programme. Strategic services cover the important ongoing work that has an impact across the Ministry and/or the wider cultural sector. These services provide the policy and agency monitoring foundation for the selection and implementation of initiatives by both the Ministry and the cultural agencies that government supports. As such the delivery of strategic services is generally best assessed through non-financial service performance measures covering quality, quantity and timeliness. Section one covers the Ministry’s performance for the 2007/08 financial year for both strategic initiatives and services.

Updated on 23rd July 2015