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Non-Commercial Community Radio Frequency

The Ministry for Culture and Heritage is calling for expressions of interest in an FM radio frequency -106.1 FM at Mount Kaukau, Wellington.

Interested parties may apply by email or post using the application form on this website.

Executive Summary of the Terms and Conditions for Community FM Radio Broadcasting Licences


The provision of community access radio services where either a service does not already exist or where the coverage of an existing community access service is compromised for technical reasons.

Existing non-commercial services that will exchange AM for FM frequencies.

New services for communities of interest, including network services.


A strong bond with the target audience.

Office and studio located in the coverage area of the broadcaster.


The licence is to be held by a company, incorporated society or charitable trust which is operated on a not for profit basis. This body must be located in the area of broadcast.

The applicant must be able to show that they have the financial resources and technical expertise to establish a radio station.

The applicant will have to show how they will fund their organisation with the restrictions of no more than six minutes of advertising per clock hour and no more than 50% of their income from direct advertising. Other income may come from sponsorship.

The applicant will have to show that they are not duplicating a service already in the area and how they will fill community needs as defined in the Regional and Community Policy Framework.


Every year the licence holder must report on how the licence conditions are being met.

Financial responsibilities:

Staff may not be paid more than the industry standard for similar work.

Members of the governing body may not profit directly from the enterprise.

The radio station must not be intended to raise money for charity.

The licence may not be transferred, changed, leased or shared without written permission from the Ministry for Culture and Heritage.

How to apply:

Applications close at 5.00pm on Friday 11 December 2015.

Please complete the application form and send to:

Rick Julian

Ministry for Culture and Heritage

PO Box 5364


Or send by email to

(04) 499 4229, Ext 430.

In the application tell us what you want your station to do and how it fills the priorities, requirements and eligibility for non-commercial frequencies as outlined in the summary above, with particular emphasis for new broadcasters, of how you will fill unmet community needs.

The full legal description of the Terms and Conditions for Local FM Radio Broadcasting Licences is here.

Updated on 11th December 2015