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Minister welcomes new media sector fund

Broadcasting Minister Amy Adams has welcomed NZ On Air’s response to the changing needs of the sector with the NZ Media Fund.

“NZ On Air is responding to the rapidly shifting media sector and today’s converging landscape in the way we communicate, conduct business and access entertainment channels,” says Ms Adams.

“With the new fund being open to a broader range of platforms and backing the best ideas, it’s a positive change and a great fit with the cross-Government convergence work programme.

“NZ On Air has a hard-earned reputation for funding top local content and this new fund sets them up well for the future in light of shifting audience habits and increasing demand for content that’s delivered in new and interesting ways.

“I encourage those interested in the new strategy to give feedback to NZ On Air, and take advantage of this flexible and more relevant environment,” says Ms Adams.

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Updated on 10th November 2016