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Move to digital TV growing

With less that two months to go before television in the first regions go digital 86 per cent of households nationally are ready for the change.

The latest Going Digital research from Colmar Brunton shows a two per cent increase nationally in the number of households who have gone digital since the last report in April.

In the first regions to go digital, Hawke’s Bay and the West Coast, more than nine out of 10 homes are ready.

“Hawke’s Bay and the West Coast go digital on 30 September and while most households are ready, I do expect that there will be some people who don’t go digital and won’t be able to watch TV. Our aim is for people to make an informed choice,” said Going Digital National Manager Greg Harford.

New Zealand is going digital in stages over the next 16 months. After Hawke’s Bay and the West Coast go digital in September the rest of the South Island will be next on 28 April 2013 followed by the lower North on 29 September 2013 and finally the upper North Island on 1 December next year.

After each region goes digital everybody in those areas will need Freeview or SKY if they want to watch TV.

“As many people have already found going digital is easy. You don’t need a new TV but you will need some new equipment such as a set-top box or TV with Freeview built-in together with a UHF aerial or a satellite set-top box along with a satellite dish,” said Mr Harford.

Everyone can find out what they need to go digital by visiting and typing in the address where the TV is located. 

For more information on the move to digital TV call 0800 838 800 or visit

Updated on 23rd July 2015