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Ministry for Culture and Heritage wins hearing

The Ministry for Culture and Heritage said today, “We are satisfied with the Court’s decision that TV3 had breached section 81 of the Broadcasting Act 1989, when it screened advertising on three consecutive Sunday mornings during coverage of the Rugby World Cup,” said Acting Chief Executive, Dr Bronwyn Dalley.

“The Ministry advised TV3 that its proposed Sunday morning broadcasts of the Rugby World Cup, incorporating advertisements, may be in breach of the Broadcasting Act which prohibits the broadcast of advertisements between the hours of 6.00am and 12 noon on Sundays,” said Dr Dalley.

“The Ministry was obliged to act to uphold the law, as it stands, as the organisation charged with administering the statute.”

“It is regrettable that notwithstanding this advice TV3 proceeded to broadcast advertising making Court action necessary”, said Dr Dalley

Updated on 23rd July 2015