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Local Non-commercial FM Radio Frequencies available

The Ministry for Culture and Heritage has today announced it has non-commercial FM radio frequencies available in Hamilton, Tauranga and Invercargill. The Ministry is calling for applications from potential operators and broadcasters for the frequencies. Non-commercial frequencies only rarely become available.

The release of new local non-commercial radio frequencies is designed to enhance regional and community broadcasting; and provide opportunities for new FM radio broadcasters to fill an unmet community need.

‘Non-commercial’ licences will only be issued to operators of radio stations that show a strong geographic, social demographic or community of interest connection with the target audience, with programming focused on the needs and interests of the audiences they serve; and locate the offices and studios of the station within the coverage area.

Local non-commercial licences are allocated free-of-charge through the Ministry for Culture and Heritage although annual licence fees and some technical and engineering costs still have to be met by broadcasters.

For more information see the MCH web site: or contact Rick Julian on or 04 496 6330.


Updated on 15th February 2016