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Last chance for Hawke’s Bay to qualify for the Targeted Assistance Package

More than two months after the Bay went digital, nearly everyone is watching digital TV, but there’s still time for those who qualify to take advantage of the Going Digital Targeted Assistance Package.  Anyone who is missing out and still wants to receive the package must ring before December 24 2012.

People who are eligible for the package must have only analogue TV in their home and be:

- aged 75 and over with a Community Services Card; or
- a recipient of a Veteran’s Pension or Invalids’ Benefit; or
- a former Veteran’s Pension and Invalid’s Benefit recipient who transferred to New Zealand Superannuation at age 65 or over.

To check if you qualify and to take up the assistance package call Going Digital on 0800 838 800 and speak with one of the team during the week between 8.30am and 5pm.   Our office will be closed between December 25 2012 and January 2 2013.

Updated on 23rd July 2015