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Has the TV at your holiday home gone digital?

Over the next 20 months all TVs in New Zealand will need to go digital – even those at holiday homes.

Hawke’s Bay and the West Coast will be the first regions to go digital on 30 September. The rest of New Zealand will follow in stages with the upper North Island the last to go digital on 1 December 2013.

“As people kick back and relax this Easter break at their holiday home I encourage everyone to check their TV and make sure it has gone digital,” said Going Digital National Manager Greg Harford.

You don’t need a new TV to go digital as any set can be converted with the right set-top box and a UHF aerial or satellite dish.

“83 percent of New Zealand households have already gone digital but those that haven’t made the move yet need to start looking at their options and take action to ensure they can continue watching TV after their region goes digital,” said Mr Harford.  

Along with the TV, Mr Harford says those with video recorders and DVD players need to be aware that these devices also need to go digital if they are to continue receiving and recording programmes.

For more details on how to go digital visit or call 0800 838 800.

Updated on 23rd July 2015