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Going Digital Ready to Leap Age Barrier

'Age shouldn't place any limitation on people going digital,' that's according to Murray Sawyer the Going Digital community adviser for Hawkes Bay.

The analogue to digital television countdown is speeding up as the region heads toward Sunday 30 September 2012 and Mr Sawyer says "people 65 plus are about to receive special attention as we pull out all stops to ensure the elderly go digital and avoid losing their TV reception after September next year."

Mr Sawyer is speaking to Age Concern in Napier this Thursday 24 November at 10am about going digital, and supporting his message of quality pictures and sound, and more channels that come with digital television he will have a special request.

"I will be asking the Age Concern members to become my ambassadors and check on their family and friends to make sure they are digital. I have found once people have the facts any issues about the technology and how to use it becomes almost second nature very quickly."

Murray Sawyer can be reached through the Going Digital free helpline 0800 838 800 and the Going Digital website:

Updated on 23rd July 2015