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12 months to go digital – are you ready?

Canterbury is going digital in 12 months which means everyone in the region who wants to watch TV after 28 April 2013 will need Freeview, Sky or Telstra Clear for people living in Christchurch.

“If you aren’t already digital now is the time to start looking at your options and take action,” said Going Digital National Manager Greg Harford.

Over seven out of 10 homes in Canterbury have already made the move to digital TV and are enjoying better pictures and more channels. You don’t need a new TV as any set can go digital with the right set-top box and a UHF aerial or satellite dish.

Mr Harford says it is important to remember that every TV you want to continue watching after 28 April 2013, whether it is in the bedroom, living room or shed will need to be digital.

“Now is also a good time to think about your DVD or video recorders. If you want to continue to receive and record television programmes using your current DVD or video recorder it will also need to go digital with set-top box.If recording is important in your household you might want to consider a personal video recorder such as MyFreeview or MySky,” said Mr Harford

All TV in New Zealand is going digital in stages with Canterbury, together with the rest of the South Island, the second area to go digital. The West Coast, including Murchison and St Arnaud, and Hawke’s Bay will be the first to make the move in September this year.

The move to digital affects all TVs and Going Digital together with Hills SignalMaster has launched the Community Groups Going Digital competition to help some community groups to go digital.

The competition is open to all not-for-profit community organisations in New Zealand from schools and sports clubs through to charities. Competition winners will receive the necessary equipment and installation to make an existing TV used by the organisation go digital.

For more information on going digital and to enter the Community Groups Going Digital competition visit or call us on 0800 838 800.

Updated on 23rd July 2015