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1000th person goes digital with assistance

Wendy Johnson of Whakatu is ready for when Hawke’s Bay goes digital on 30 September thanks to the Going Digital Targeted Assistance Package.

Image: Wendy Johnson gets some tips on how to make the most of her TV now that it has gone digital from Hills Signal Master installer David Jellyman.

Wendy is the 1000th eligible person to opt into the assistance package since it was launched in Hawke’s Bay and on the West Coast in late February.

The assistance package is funded by the Government and provides support for those people most likely to face technical or financial barriers to going digital.

The assistance package is available to people who already have a TV and don’t have Freeview, Sky or TelstraClear, and are either

- aged 75 and over with a Community Services Card
- recipient of a Veteran’s Pension or Invalids’ Benefit
- former Veteran’s Pension and Invalid’s Benefit recipient who transferred to New Zealand Superannuation at age 65 or over.

Wendy says she was rapt to receive the letter from Going Digital and learn that she was eligible to receive assistance. As a big fan of Coronation Street Wendy says she had been trying to budget to fund the purchase of the equipment necessary to go digital herself but she always found there were other priorities.  

With digital TV Wendy now enjoys a crystal clear picture a big improvement on the “shocking” picture she previously received when using old rabbit ears for her TV reception.

Everyone eligible for assistance to go digital receives a set-top box plus UHF aerial or satellite dish if necessary together with training and 12 months technical support through a helpline.

For further information on how to go digital visit or call 0800 838 800.

Updated on 23rd July 2015