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Cultural sector giving research

Cultural organisations have until 5 October 2012 to participate in the Ministry's research on giving and sponsorship.  This research is the most comprehensive of its kind in New Zealand and is undertaken only once every few years.  It helps establish overall levels of monetary and in-kind support for the cultural sector. It also helps identify trends, barriers and opportunities for growing that support.

We look forward to receiving your response by 5 October 2012. We are accepting surveys beyond this date. However, please complete and submit your survey as soon as possible. Thank you.

Support for your organisation currently could be small or large, cash or non-cash and could come from one or more of the following sources: central or local government; businesses or other corporate organisations; trusts, foundations or other philanthropic organisations; or from individuals, couples or families.  In any case, funding is likely to be one of your top priorities - and we would like to know more about the challenges you face in this area.  We look forward to your survey response - and to working together to help grow levels of support for the cultural sector.

Please complete your response online at:

If you would prefer to respond in writing or by email, a Word version of the survey can be downloaded here.

This research is one of a number of practical initiatives that form part of a shared work programme being delivered by the Ministry for Culture and Heritage, the Arts Foundation, Creative New Zealand, and Philanthropy New Zealand.  This work programme is designed to explore avenues to diversify revenue options for cultural organisations, assist their sustainability, and increase cultural giving and philanthropy in New Zealand, and follows on from recommendations made by the Cultural Philanthropy Taskforce established by Arts, Culture and Heritage Minister Hon Chris Finlayson.

Invitation from the Ministry's Chief Executive

I invite you to participate in this survey of the levels of giving and sponsorship to cultural organisations in New Zealand.

Funding is likely to be one of your top priorities - obtaining and maintaining it as well as increasing that funding and diversifying your funding sources.  We would like to know more about the challenges you face in this area.

In our recent work with the Cultural Philanthropy Taskforce - and as part of our ongoing work for Arts, Culture and Heritage Minister Hon Chris Finlayson - we are taking on the challenges of changing patterns of giving and growing the level of private support for the arts and for heritage (over and above - not instead of - support from the government).

Ourprevious giving and sponsorship researchis based on the 2007-2008 tax year and pre-dates the introduction of tax mechanisms such as payroll giving and amended tax rebate levels.  Our current survey will update that information.  Your response will help identify trends in private giving to the cultural sector, including the impact of tax mechanisms.  It will help determine how much (or how little) philanthropic or private sector support the cultural sector receives.

Your response is confidential.  The published results will not identify any particular organisation - but you will be able to compare your organisation's fundraising activities with those of similar organisations.  The results will have the close attention of our Minister who is determined to "grow the cultural philanthropy pie" and determined to assist you to tap into what his Taskforce identifies as significant opportunities for private giving to boost cultural activity in New Zealand.

I know in this environment there is considerable pressure on the operation of your organisation but your survey response and the information you can provide will help further develop cultural philanthropy in New Zealand.

Updated on 31st July 2015