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Community Support Gets Fanfare Installation Underway

Installation of New Zealand’s largest public sculpture Fanfare at the northern entrance to Christchurch City is set to go ahead in 2015 after the Canterbury Community Trust awarded a $100,000 grant toward the project. The sculpture, titled Fanfare has been commissioned by the Christchurch City Council and produced by SCAPE Public Art for the people of Christchurch, Canterbury and New Zealand. Leighs Construction and Fulton Hogan will construct the work on site.

Illustration of the Fanfare is courtesy of SCAPE Public Art.

Fanfare was created by iconic Christchurch-born sculptor Neil Dawson, the artistic genius behind the Chalice in Cathedral Square. At 20 meters in diameter and 24 meters tall (that’s six stories high and round), Fanfare will be his largest public sculpture legacy piece to firmly place Christchurch and Canterbury onto the global arts stage.

Fanfare is a sculpture of celebration, representing the re-birth of Christchurch. Its position at Chaney’s Corner beside the Northern Motorway will create a dynamic entranceway to the new City being created.

Fanfare sculptor, Neil Dawson says “Good things take time, and similar to Christchurch’s situation Fanfare has been a culmination of ten years of progress. A huge amount of energy has gone into it over that time and now is our opportunity to celebrate and see what it’s going to become.”

Louise Edwards, Chief Executive of The Canterbury Community Trust says “The Trust, through its $100,000 funding of this iconic project is looking to assist SCAPE Public Art in providing a new image of Christchurch, both here and internationally.”

Fanfare provides considerable legacy value for the City which will resonate for the next 50 years, providing the City with an internationally renowned legacy piece of art and a strong signal that our arts and culture scene will thrive once again,” says Ms Edwards.

SCAPE Public Art, the producers of Fanfare have appealed to and engaged the Christchurch, Canterbury and New Zealand community with the Fanfare installation. In June 2014, SCAPE Public Art launched a fundraising campaign to raise the remaining $360,000 to install Fanfare. The total value of the sculpture is $3.3 million.

Support has come from all corners of the Christchurch, Canterbury and New Zealand community – the corporate sector, the arts, individuals and the public. Earnings from family garage sales; staff consortiums; the Fanfare Corporate Fan Club; sales of limited edition Fanfare wall works; and materials and services donations have been received towards the installation of Fanfare.

It is only with this support that SCAPE Public Art, a charitable trust is able to implement large-scale public sculpture projects like Fanfare.

Now, after running successful Fanfare Fan Club and Bring Fanfare Home PledgeMe campaigns, and with the receipt of the Canterbury Community Trust grant, only $47,000 is still needed to reach the fundraising goal.

SCAPE Public Art Director, Deborah McCormick says “The support Fanfare has received from sponsors, supporters and the community demonstrates the pride that Cantabrians and New Zealanders have in our City’s recovery and the belief in the rebirth of a vibrant arts community here. It is only with this help that SCAPE Public Art is able to install such an iconic sculpture, so we thank you all for your lasting support.”

There are still opportunities to show your support for Fanfare and contribute to the $47,000 left to raise. Limited edition Fanfare wall works handcrafted by Neil Dawson; Fanfare brooches by Christchurch contemporary jewellery designer Jennifer Braithwaite, represented by The National; Fanfare Fan Club Memberships or donations to Fanfare are available to purchase through the SCAPE Public Art website

Updated on 23rd July 2015