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Call for Canterbury Community to Back Fanfare PledgeMe Campaign

The countdown is on for SCAPE Public Art to raise the $50,000 PledgeMe fundraising target to Bring Fanfare Home to Christchurch before Monday 13 October 2014.

Produced by internationally-renowned Christchurch sculptor Neil Dawson, and backed by celebrity ambassador Petra Bagust, Fanfare will be New Zealand’s largest and highest profile public sculpture. Cantabrians are encouraged to help by visiting and pledging $10 or more before 13 October.

The Bring Fanfare Home PledgeMe campaign is for all Cantabrians to get involved in, and become proud stakeholders in the installation of New Zealand’s largest public sculpture legacy. Included in the $28,210 raised through PledgeMe to date, are contributions from local families who have pledged the earnings from their garage sale, and retirement village consortiums and workplaces raising funds for Fanfare through social clubs.

Director of SCAPE Public Art, Deborah McCormick, says “with the Christchurch rebuild rapidly gaining momentum, public sculptures such as Fanfare are set to redefine the creative pride and community collaboration of our region for the future. A small contribution from each of us will result in a bold sculptural statement that will make our city stand out on the world arts stage.”

Individuals, schools, workplaces and community groups are encouraged to support SCAPE Public Art’s Bring Fanfare Home PledgeMe campaign by visiting and pledging anything between $10 and $5,000 before 13 October 2014. There are great rewards, and spot prizes to look forward to.

Standing at 24 metres tall and spread across 20 metres in diameter, Fanfare is a 25 tonne, spherical sculpture made up of a lattice of dynamic, waving pinwheel fans with a total asset value of $3.3 million.

Updated on 23rd July 2015