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Press Releases

Ministry for Culture and Heritage historian revises Gallipoli numbers

2013 Sep 02

A fresh look at data at the back of a history book has answered a question New Zealand historians have pondered for years.…

Applications for 2014 Waitangi Day Fund open

2013 Aug 19

National War Memorial’s Hall of Memories closed for earthquake strengthening work

2013 Aug 14

National War Memorial’s Hall of Memories closes

2013 Aug 02

Marking the Waikato War

2013 Jul 12

Oral historians receive nearly $100,000 for New Zealand's stories

2013 Jun 12

50 year Anzac Day anniversary for NZ medics in Vietnam

2013 Apr 23

New Zealand understanding of WW1 – a benchmark survey

2013 Apr 10

Life, Love, and War 100 Years Ago Today

2013 Apr 10

New Zealand history buzzes with new research and fish and chips

2012 Dec 19