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New Zealand’s Sportfunder announce partnership with Pozible

New Zealand’s Sportfunder announce partnership with Pozible, Australia’s largest and most successful crowdfunding platform.

Kiwi-based crowd funding platform Sportfunder is partnering with one of Australia’s largest crowdfunding sites, Pozible, to extend its exposure in the Asia-Pacific region.

As one of the world’s few crowdfunding platforms dedicated to sports and recreation, Sportfunder will benefit from being in front of Pozible’s 500,000 plus followers, says Sportfunder’s founder, Craig Williamson.

“Since Sportfunder launched in 2012, we’ve helped raise funds for over 200 fundraisers from all over the world,” says Williamson.

“With Sportfunder projects now able to sit on the Pozible platform as well, apart from greater exposure to potential funders, they will benefit from Pozible’s dedicated help desk team and software designers who are continually improving Pozible’s cutting edge platform.”

With Pozible recognised as having a robust yet fast approval process to set up fundraising projects and the highest success rate of all major international crowdfunding platforms, this partnership will mean Sportfunder projects will be simpler to set up with dedicated support for project creators. Fundraisers will also have far greater reach through both platforms’ audiences as well as multiple payment options for supporters.

Pozible was launched as Fundbreak in 2010 by Alan Crabbe and Rick Chen with a focus on crowdfunding for mostly arts related projects. Rebranding as Pozible in 2011, the platform has now helped more than 12,000 projects raise in excess of A$55 million and has an overall project funding success rate of 58%, with individual categories averaging up to 70%.

While these projects have expanded beyond the creative sector to help numerous start-ups, Pozible hasn’t really catered for the sports sector which Sportfunder does, says Pozible’s Alan Crabbe.

“Crowdfunding for the sports industry has always been under-utilised in both New Zealand and Australia,” says Crabbe. “With Sportfunder in New Zealand teaming up with Pozible from Australia, we plan to take it mainstream."

"We originally created Pozible for the creative industries - and our new platform network will allow us to replicate the same successes through partnership in other categories both in New Zealand, Australia and international. Sportfunder and their team are our first partners."

In Sportfunder’s history, its biggest success has been helping international surfing stars

Ricardo Christie and Paige Hareb compete on the world circuit. Ricardo raised more than NZ$22,000 to compete on the men’s World Surf League Tour, and Hareb more than NZ$17,000 for her women’s World Tour campaign, says Williamson.

“With Pozible’s partnership, we will be to expand the range of sport related fundraising projects to include individuals, teams, sports facilities and events as well as innovations, inventions and technology,” explains Williamson.

“Whether at an amateur or at an international competition level, or for sporting events or new sports products, the reality is that there is a serious funding shortfall for sport. Sportfunder’s partnership with Pozible will mean that we can facilitate sponsorship and fundraising for sports no matter how much or little is required, and our aim in 2017 is to become the most successful platform to crowdfund sport-related projects in the Asia Pacific region.”

The revamped is now open for business and is currently accepting new crowdfunding projects, initiatives and enquiries in preparation for its official relaunch which scheduled for early January 2017.

Updated on 9th January 2017