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Crowdfunding for the arts

The Arts Foundation is launching Boosted, a new crowdfunding website predicted to generate at least $3 million annually in new arts funding in New Zealand.

"We couldn't have launched Boy in the US without the support of the many people that responded to our crowdfunding campaign.  It's a great way to raise funds for creative projects.  The arts need all the support they can get, so it's great news that the Arts Foundation is building a purpose-built crowdfunding site for New Zealand." 


Image of Taika Waititi (Artist, film-maker and Arts Foundation New Generation Award recipient).

With the support of the Lion Foundation, the Arts Foundation is launching a new crowdfunding website in September called Boosted -  

Boosted is one of a number of practical initiatives that form part of a shared work programme being delivered by the Ministry for Culture and Heritage, the Arts Foundation, Creative New Zealand, and Philanthropy New Zealand.  This work programme is designed to increase cultural philanthropy in New Zealand, and follows on from recommendations made by the Cultural Philanthropy Taskforce established by Arts, Culture and Heritage Minister Hon Chris Finlayson.

Boosted is designed to encourage new streams of private sector support and to grow cultural philanthropy.  Cultural philanthropy is not about replacing government funding - or drawing support away from other community sectors.  It is about growing the culture of giving - and asking - in New Zealand.

Boosted will use a crowdfunding form of fundraising.  Crowdfunding websites enable multiple, often small, private donations to go towards a creative project.  The projects are promoted using email and social media networks.  A leading crowdfunding website in the US, Kickstarter, estimates it will raise US$150 million for creative projects.  NZ film-maker Taika Waititi recently used Kickstarter to raise over US$100,000 to launch Boy in US theatres

Boosted is open to all art projects, from the grassroots to New Zealand's most established companies and artists.  While Boosted won't launch until September, Arts Foundation Executive Director Simon Bowden urges people to register now and to start working on their fundraising plans in time for the launch.  

Image of Simon Bowden.

"We are pouring our knowledge of private giving into Boosted in order to grow a new generation of donors for the arts.  We expect to create literally thousands of philanthropists for the arts, albeit mostly at modest levels.  In the world of crowdfunding, every dollar counts.  We believe that many donors who initially give small amounts to projects on Boosted will be able to give more in the future."

Any legitimate arts project can apply to the Arts Foundation to be listed on Boosted.  Donations to projects on Boosted are made to the Arts Foundation and will be tax deductible.  "The tax deductible status of donations to projects on Boosted will improve the confidence of donors and may encourage them to give more", says Simon Bowden.  This feature will also appeal to project creators that are ineligible for (or do not have) their own donee organisation tax status as it still enables project supporters to enjoy tax relief on their donations.

Updated on 23rd July 2015