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Government to lead by example in care of heritage properties

The government has adopted new standards to ensure its historic heritage properties are well cared for, Associate Minister for Arts, Culture and Heritage Judith Tizard announced today.

"Government departments will be required to lead by example by maintaining their heritage properties to international standards of heritage conservation," said Judith Tizard.

"Government departments have a large number of heritage properties in their care. It is important that we set a high standard in the maintenance and upkeep of these properties."

Judith Tizard says the policy is part of the government’s broader programme of enhanced care for New Zealand's heritage.

"This decision follows the establishment of a National Heritage Preservation Incentive Fund to encourage conservation of nationally significant heritage properties in private ownership. We have also provided the Historic Places Trust with more funding and are firming up its legislation.

"I hope this initiative will provide a useful model for other owners of heritage property, such as local government, public institutions and the private sector."

The new policy can be viewed on the website of the Ministry for Culture and Heritage

Updated on 23rd July 2015