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Lottery Grants Board 2017/18 grants announced

New Zealand Communities are set to get a boost in funding to help provide a range of services and conserve some of our most precious taonga thanks to the Lottery Grants Board.

Internal Affairs Minister and Presiding Member of the Lottery Grants Board, Hon Peter Dunne today announced that $233.6 million of Lottery profits is being made available to communities in 2017/18.

“This funding helps provide a range of community activities and services, helps build and maintain facilities, develops and conserves marae, supports environmental projects which preserve and protect our natural heritage, and keeps people safe in the outdoors.

“The Board has also been able to allocate $20 million to the Lottery Significant Projects committee for a second consecutive year which will assist large and important community projects.

“To continue support for the communities affected by the Kaikoura earthquake, the Lottery Community Facilities Committee has been allocated an extra $7.5 million for larger capital works in the area.

“It is crucial for communities to rebuild or maintain facilities such as local community houses which provide space for people to access multiple services or larger venues that are used for sport, cultural and leisure activities,” says Mr Dunne.

Details of the Lottery Significant Projects and larger capital works in the Kaikoura earthquake area funding criteria and priorities, and timeframes for the 2017/18 round, will be made available publicly over the next few months.

The Board will continue to support arts, culture and sporting initiatives through funding of $94.5 million to the four statutory bodies supported by the Board: the New Zealand Film Commission including Ngā Taonga Sound and Vision, Creative New Zealand and Sport New Zealand.

A full breakdown of the 2017/18 allocation is:

Statutory body Forecast 2017/18 allocation

Sport NZ 45,000,000
Creative New Zealand 33,750,000
New Zealand Film Commission 14,625,000
Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision 1,125,000
Total forecast allocation to statutory bodies 94,500,000

Other Allocations 2017/18

Lottery Regional community distribution committees
Northland 2,139,313
Auckland 11,753,645
Waikato 4,466,893
Bay of Plenty/Gisborne 3,511,271
Taranaki 1,143,801
Hawkes Bay 1,601,556
Manawatu/Wanganui 2,559,652
Wellington/Wairarapa 3,592,277
West Coast/Nelson/Marlborough 1,614,205
Canterbury/Kaikoura 4,099,761
Otago/Southland 2,628,405
Subtotal regional 39,110,779
Lottery National distribution committees
National Community 14,069,146
Community Facilities 16,395,993
Community Facilities - Allocation for larger capital works in the
Hurunui/Kaikoura/Marlborough earthquake area 7,500,000
Community Sector Research 513,135
Environment and Heritage 11,537,809
Health Research Committee 4,019,158
Individuals with Disabilities 5,568,732
Marae Heritage and Facilities 8,683,579
Outdoor Safety 8,039,099
Significant Projects 20,000,000
Subtotal national 96,326,651
Total distribution committee allocations 135,437,430
Allocation to Minister's Discretionary Fund 397,287
Allocation for the water safety sector 2,401,289
Applicant's GST expenses 930,826
Total all other allocations 139,166,832

Updated on 14th July 2017