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Outcomes Framework

Outcomes Framework


Govern- ment priorities

A more competitive and productive economy

Better public services

Rebuild Christchurch


Outcomes for New Zealand

A higher quality of life in our commun- ities, towns and cities

A growing workforce that drives innovation, creativity and collaboration

A culture that is unique, distinctive and valued in a globalised world



New Zealand’s distinctive culture enriches our lives


Sector outcomes






Sector priorities

Fostering inclusive New Zealand identity

Supporting Māori cultural aspirations

Front footing transform- ative technology

Improving cultural asset sustain- ability

Measuring and maximising public value


Ministry impacts

Our histories, taonga, places and symbols of nationhood are preserved for past, present and future generations

People understand and enjoy New Zealand’s diverse culture and heritage

Our culture inspires positive changes in commu- nities, the economy, and the environ- ment

New Zealand’s unique Māori culture and heritage is protected and enhanced

A collaborative cultural sector strengthens perform- ance and flexibility


Ministry outputs

Fund and Monitor

  • Perform- ance monitoring and develop- ment of arts, heritage, media and sport Vote- funded agencies


  • Provide advice to support decision making by Ministers on govern- ment policy relating to arts, heritage and media
  • Minist- erial servicing


  • Maintain war graves and access to memorials and other places of national significance
  • Collect and preserve oral history and digital stories
  • Promote cultural events and significant commemor- ations
  • Information on and communi- cations of New Zealand and Māori history, society and culture
  • Delivery of inter- national cultural diplomacy projects
  • Delivery of operating activities relating to the First World War centenary commemor- ations


  • Administer legislation to protect Māori and New Zealand’s cultural heritage


Updated on 4th December 2015